About Missouri Land

The state of Missouri is over 69,000 square miles and is bordered by eight states. The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City, and its largest city is Kansas City; and St. Louis is the second-largest city in the state. It has an average elevation of 800 feet, with its highest point at 1,773 feet and its lowest elevation of 230 feet.

Missouri Streams, Rivers, and Lakes

It is known for its extensive live water and tributaries due to the Mississippi River, Missouri River, Table Rock Lake, Lake of the Ozarks, and numerous smaller tributary rivers, streams, and lakes. The Missouri River flows through the state’s center into the Mississippi River, which makes up the state’s eastern border. For those seeking land for sale in Missouri, this expansive freshwater offers many land buyers the luxury of available water for agriculture, wildlife, and recreation.

Several regions of Missouri include the Northern Plains, which is the northern portion of the state. Southern Missouri rises to the Ozark Mountains (Ozark Plateau). The southeastern part of the state is known as the Mississippi Alluvial Plain region.

Wildlife in Missouri

With the vast amount of water, dense forests, and a generally humid climate with cool, sometimes cold, winters and hot, damp, and wet summers, land for sale in Missouri offers an abundance of wildlife habitat. The habitat is home to many highly sought-after wild game animals such as turkey, deer, waterfowl, and fish. With this wide variety of wildlife, Missouri can be considered a sportsman’s paradise.

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